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Over the course of my time as a photographer, I have developed an incredible respect for interiors photography. I am deeply inspired by the artistry, time and energy it takes to capture the atmosphere, the warmth, the light or energy in an otherwise still room. 

Estate agency photography needs to be bright and informative, but I love to use natural light where possible. It is important to be able to move furniture around where necessary to make the best use of space, but retaining a genuine look so viewers are not hit by a feeling of disappointment on first sight. After years of moving in and around London and Oxford myself, it has become hugely important to me that I accurately and genuinely capture a space and its beauty giving the property the best chance not only to gain viewings but move on to a sale.

I can also help with dressing and presentation, where necessary, enabling the seller make the best of the market. My experience in Estate Agency has given me a real insight into what is required for selling a home, rather than just making it look beautiful. 

Hotels, restaurants and holiday lets can be more stylised but it is also very important to provide a genuine look as guests will not have much a chance to leave if the accommodation is not what they are expecting. I absolutely love shooting interiors, especially capturing close ups of the individual character....


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