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If you really want to successfully market your business and your products, especially when it comes to large scale print and posters, professional, high resolution photography can deliver a much stronger image and better return on investment than a quick snap with an iphone. Despite most of my recent work being in property and interiors, I’ve worked with many businesses over the years to capture the individuality of their products, working on location and in the studio. 

I love playing with colour, light and composition to create the best impact and desirability for the product and I am equally as happy to shoot on site, in your business premises, shop, gallery or restaurant as I am in my studio. 

Branding, for me, still encompasses not only product shots and e-commerce, but people, places, visitors, clients.. all the ingredients that make your brand the amazing unique world you have created. I am very happy to engage models for a fee, or take time in and around your premises getting to know your locals... I have been known to persuade locals and clients to join in on shoots... giving a very natural feel and helping to engage your community!


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