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Cities, for me, are a frequently changing palimpsest, layer upon layer of history and hidden lives. Wandering, seeing, exploring and photographing this is one of my greatest pleasures. A simple indulgence for me, yet huge in the sense of freedom I get when I can find the time to do it. The results provide some of my favourite framed art pieces. 

Buildings fascinate me, from their design to their reason for being and current use, which so often differ. Gentrification and the move from manufacturing to residential has given us some of our most iconic residential/shopping areas and the continued move toward working from home and online shopping will likely change our urban landscape yet again. I have found myself documenting areas of growth such as this as much as I can lately. It will be interesting to see how they develop. 

Estate Agency and New build photography require attention to detail, light and space and an honesty that does not disappoint in reality. I love adding a few little items to my 'new build photos' to give a touch of that homey feel. Most property looks best in the sunshine so I will always try to arrange shoots on sunny days and re-visit if we don’t get the sun in the right place on that day. I am very happy to carry out a site visit to advise on presentation etc. Advertising for your office/business can be more fun and can be eye catching, of my my favourite types of shoot!


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